Sunday, July 5, 2015

Pre-July 4th Celebrations!!!!

We had a phenomenal weekend and I decided to document it and make this my first ever post.
Do not know why, but I have had a bit of the writer's block as I like to tell my stories through photos usually. This blog will be about whatever strikes my fancy as the type under my blog name says. I love to spend time with my family, knit, and crochet. I am a newbie Catholic and love our Church. We are very happy to have found a home there to become closer to God.
Well, without further ado, here is our weekend....

Thursday night we went to Chili's. They now have these little touch screen displays that you can play games on for $1.99.  We ended up playing Trivia and Life that night. We thought that game of LIFE was never going to end!!!! Our game scores are as you can see above. Bob was Jacob, Mary was Tyler, I was Rachel, and Chris was John. Food was delicious as always and so was my Watermelon margarita!!!! :)

Friday morning, we headed out to Nantasket Beach for the day with Dunkin's in hand!!!! 
Here are a few photos from the day of fun we had. 

Here I am in my (day before) Fourth of July glory, lol. 

This young man with his cheeks stuffed to the max with Munchkins is my oldest, Ty, 
aka My Mini-Me. 
He always makes me laugh. 

This little chap avoiding the camera is my youngest, Jake, 
aka Chris's Mini-Me. 
He might have had one too many photos taken growing up. :)

A quick photo of Chris and I. 
Notice how he is driving, so that I can play with my yarn in the passenger seat. :)

Here is my latest project, almost off the needles. 
The pattern name is Albatross from Melissa Schaschwary. 
I found the pattern, for free, on 
This will be my first completed knit sweater, once I knit the sleeves. 
I did try it on at the beach and got a few looks from the fellow beach-goers.
IT FITS!!!! :) 

This is the front of Nantasket Beach in Hull, MA. 
The parking is $10 per car. 

The guys trying to find a spot, while enjoying the view of the water. 
We ended up going much further down the beach to find rocks to sit on. 
The tide was coming in at this point and the water usually comes all the way up to the rocks at the bottom of the wall their leaning on. 

There were jellyfish everywhere!!!! P.S. If you stepped on the tops of them and screamed like a girl you were joining the majority of the crowd, lol. They were all over in the water. You usually do not see them as much at this beach. Chris and I went to Tybee Island in May a few years back and there were thousands of them as it was mating season. I wonder if the water temperature had something to do with all of the jellyfish we saw at Nantasket that day. 

I found this little starfish stranded on the beach with his fifth arm barely hanging on. 
We took a few photos and then placed him back into the water. 

Well, that was the end of the majority of the photos we took that day. 
We ended up spending about 9 hours or so at our favorite beach. 
I will add yesterday's post later on with all of the photos we took at Willows Arcade in Salem, MA.

Have a good, restful Sunday!!!! :) 

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