Sunday, November 29, 2015

New Years On the Brain....

Well, we are on our way to Christmas. And while there are many a knitting project for me to finish, I have been finding myself searching with an idea for a specific pattern on Ravelry and coming up with nothing like it in the results. And if I am lucky to find something even close to resembling what I want to knit, it end up changing it with a bunch of modifications.

I have been making up my own patterns and keeping them to myself for awhile now. Hats seem to be my go-to for the past 6 months or so. They work up fast and I can always hand them out. I seem to like your basic, everyday slouch, but with twists. The Boys usually end up with one on the way out to the bus stop. I would love to knit and sell, but do not have the time to do so. Plus, the colors of yarn are harder to find when someone wants something particular. 

I find myself dreaming up new patterns to make and then revising them in my head over and over during the day. Now that Fall is nearing its end and Winter is coming up, I find a few of my favorite things coming in flurries of thought. Snowflakes, snowmen, pine trees, and stars seem to be the starring roles for the knitwear in my dreams on my loved ones and friends. It may sound silly and all, but I feel that this is happening for a reason. However, these dreams may be because I literally curl up with my knitting next to my pillow.... My husband has gotten poked by my knitting if it rolls during the night. He's such an awesome sport with all of my yarn. He just gets me. 

Even when I find myself awake, I am constantly seeing cables and charts everywhere I go. I may even be counting the stitches on your sweater as I walk with you. Not even joking on that one. 
Especially, while hiking or standing outside. I took these photos on my phone while hiking with my son's Cub Scout group a couple of weeks ago. I keep staring at them and thinking of the different patterns held within. 

Here are some more photos I took of past projects over at our uncle's house on Thanksgiving.

The Butterscotch-colored hat is the Arosa Slouchy Lace Hat by Kristin Jones. 

 This is a Knit Night Hat, by Judy Marples, that I knit about a year ago.

This is the beginning of a Gingerbread Hat, by Angela Whisnant, for Jake. 

Kind of crazy that knitting for me started as a New Year's resolution for 2014. Now that I've been knitting for around two years non-stop, I find myself wondering if I should start designing knitting patterns. I hope to start publishing some of my patterns one day. Something has been telling me to go for it, but I am always hesitant because my pattern might look too similar to something someone else has made out there. Even if it is something I made up and took care to test out myself.

What gifts are you up to making for Christmas?
Anything fun and interesting?
These gifts do not have to be made of yarn....

I feel like we all need a bit of whimsy and fun knit back into our lives now and again.

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