Tuesday, October 6, 2015

WAKH KAL (We All Knit Here Knit-A-Long)

Last week, I started my first KAL (Knit-A-Long) with a hat pattern from We All Knit Here.
The hat pattern is called the "Arosa Slouchy Lace Hat". There was a voting process and this hat pattern won. I voted for it myself. The WAKH KAL started on last Monday and ended this past Sunday. This KAL lasted seven days; which was perfect for this KAL with the super bulky yarn, large knitting needles, and a spare fifteen minutes each day. I overachieved and finished my Arosa / Buttercup on Thursday night; and started another on Sunday night and finished up the next morning. The second one is a gift to be mailed off to a family member.

If you are looking to learn to knit or even already know how, check out her facebook group named "We All Knit Here". She has created an amazing community there as a closed group for those who want to learn as a hobby, for fun, or as a form of therapy. She has videos on youtube with very simple (and S-L-O-W) directions for newbies. It's almost like learning to knit from an old, dear friend. I highly recommend checking out her page. I found Kristin's blog on the first of August. She has pulled a bunch of "Lone Knitters" together with this community. I say "Lone Knitters" because there are those of us that are not always able to connect with a LYS (Local Yarn Shop) during their hours due to work, kids, or busyness. I absolutely adore this little community she has put together. She's super easy to understand and helpful if you are having problems with any knitting project.

Here are the photos I took of my KAL project:

Here are the stages in which the first three days went along. 

This is Barnaby, my Little Black Sheep modeling with my hat.
(He's a tape measure from Lantern Moon and one of my favorite knitting accessories)

Thank you, Kristin for putting this WAKH KAL on and creating an awesome online community!!!!

Hope everyone has a good night!!!!

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